Out of desperation, I decided to sew Z some pants yesterday. He wears through the knees in about 3 weeks and we no longer have even one hole-free pair. After finding a tutorial for making boy’s pants out of outgrown men’s pants, I was dreaming of all the money I could save. I spent three hours working on some yesterday, only to discover at the end of the process that I made the waist about three times too small. Note to self: next time, pull on the elastic waist of the pants you’er tracing before drawing lines with a sharpie and cutting out the fabric. D’oh.

Discouraged, but excited to have my sewing machine and fabric out, I attempted a little fabric booster seat from another online tutorial. I glanced through it, and got sewing. By this point, 2 year old J had stolen my iPad to play Super Why video games so I was going by memory. As I glowingly strapped my final product onto a chair in our dining room, I was confused. Turns out I sewed the seat on sideways. Oops.

After the kids were in bed I decided to give myself a project that was sure to be successful and gratifying: pajama pants for myself. I grabbed my favorite old pair that was full of holes, and traced and cut away. It wasn’t until I tried pulling them up over my hips that I realized my mad reasoning and rememberizing skillz had struck again. I hadn’t fully extended the elastic waist of my old pants while I was tracing them. Double d’oh. The good news is: when they’re on, they fit perfectly. The bad news is: it will only take pulling them on and off a few times before I bust the side seams with my massive, child-bearing hips.

Sigh. Next time I’m going shopping.