When we moved in to our house, there was a ton of furniture here. There was a beautiful assortment of solid wood bedroom furniture made by a company called “The Imperial Loyalist”, based out of the Niagara Falls area of Ontario in the 1930s and 40s. We have a double bed with two nightstands, one tall dresser, one shorter one with a mirror, two twin beds, and a lamp. Beautiful, massive stuff. We through one twin bed and a dresser in Z and J’s room, and called it “decorated”. But, it still needed help. Over a year later, we finally got around to doing something with their room.

In the spirit of late-night-infomercial before and after shots, I apparently made the before shots as horrendous as possible:

We slapped up 50$ worth of MDF and called it “wainscoting” and coated it all with some white semi gloss. Leftover hallway paint went up top, and some to-be-remedied cheap roman shades went on the windows. We have lots of decorating left to do, but I have two able-bodied helpers. Z even put up all the wall decals by himself. Could you tell?

I’m absolutely thrilled with how much better the dark wood furniture looks against the white and blue than it did against the existing light yellow. Now we need a larger rug, some higher quality window treatments, and some other finishing touches. My mother is sewing a quilt for the toddler bed. It was supposed to be a baby gift, then a first birthday gift. Now we’re at 2.5 and counting. Maybe birthday #3? There’s also going to be a matching cross-stitch birth announcement to go over J’s bed, framed to match Z’s.

They love it, which is what matters most.

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